"A3R1A 6L0R15" by Featureless Ghost in video form. From ‘alternate universe deep-net mix-tape’ Other Than Conscious, available now for free download. Video by Fantastic Lands.

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One of my favorite tracks from Triad God’s record NXB, released a couple Fridays ago via yours truly, Triple You Tapes. Grab the whole thing on bandcamp before it’s taken down forever.

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Cc is the new moniker of Triple You homie C Powers. His track “Ubay” appears on the vast and fantastic new Astro Nautico release Atlantics Vol. 2. Stream the track then grab the entire download for free.

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Stills arranged by Miko Revereza from his video for Mane Mane's “Just Called,” which you can view in full here.

Hav Lyfe's remix of Dynooo's “Waved” from upcoming De Vlindermes cassette.

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This week marks one year since the release of Mane Mane’s killer Mane2Mane cassette/digital download. Up there is a stream of “Chilt Milk.” Below you can right click + save as download all the singles. Click here to stream the whole thing. Thanks again to C Powers and Herobust for such a dope tape, Matthewdavid for mastering it and Justin Swinburne for the art.

Get Over In 3D

Hidden Dap

Twnkl Sr

Skin Fox

P.S. There are VERY FEW physical copies left. Grab one before it’s too late or buy on Boomkat/Bleep.

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Nem270 reworked the L.W.H. & Julian Wass (a.k.a. The Executive Series) production “G.O. Anthem 1” from Green Ova's Chandelier mixtape. Yesterday they released Chandelier Redux, a remix collection with a different remixer for each of the nine tracks. Nem270’s track is first on the tape so check that out then stream/download the whole thing free.

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Funky new Persona La Ave Music Takes My Higher EP streaming on Soundcloud.


desktop pain (for kaya) by gnarlfield

artwork i made for my awesome coworker that ended up getting used as album artwork for Nem 270 - Desktop Pain (on my buddy ian’s label, UUU Tapes)…