Nem270's Desktop Pain EP is available TODAY for free download. “Short Fuses” is streaming above, another serious slapper from Nem’s deep instrumental arsenal. Grab the whole thing at bandcamp (or mediafire if/when our bandcamp downloads run out).

We revitalized our Triple You Tumblr space at the beginning of this year not only to let you know about new Triple You and Triple You related happenings, but also to reflect on what we’ve done in the past and remind you about all the great music we’ve released. Today we are bringing the attention back to our first official release, Termeric’s Natural Gel cassette.

Termeric was a project of Chris Powers, a.k.a. C Powers (currently Cc). Termeric is now defunct. Natural Gel is the only official Termeric release, consisting of eight down-tempo psychedelic slappers. Sounds range from vintage rasta riddims to modern day beat music, chopped and blended together to create fantastic five-to-six-minute excursions into smoldering weedhaze territories. The entire tape can now be streamed at bandcamp and a few copies are still left for purchase.

Bring down the party with “Grass St. Star,” “Stryde Off” or “Gold Trot.” Once you’re home safe and sound, rock “Flake Jacket” and “Search” in headphones for the deepest of wee-hour trips. Nearly 18 months after Natural Gel's initial release, it is with great pleasure that we introduce you to “Air Clip (dub),” one of just a fewouttakes from the tape. This track is a sure trance-inducer, a circular slice of bouncing juke-isms that learned to bang in a muffled and aquatic kind of way.

Termeric - Air Clip (dub)

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Here is an official announcement: Nem270's Desktop Pain EP will be available January 31 for free download. Desktop Pain is an odds and ends EP drawn from a massive library of unused/weird Nem270 instrumentals selected by Triple You Tapes. Nem270 has produced tracks for Lil B, Main Attrakionz, Squadda B, Mondre, Shady Blaze, Yarrow Slaps, Western Tink and many more. Grab the first two on bandcamp.

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Green Mansions- Vacation #5 from miko revereza on Vimeo.

Triple You Tapes is proud to release two new cassettes today, Vacation #2 from Green Mansions and Primeira Vez from Branches. Vacation #2 is physical-only with just a couple digital tastes including the above video by Miko Revereza. Primeira Vez is available as a free download from bandcamp and as a limited tape.

Paypal links for physical copies can be found HERE.

Check out some early coverage: Fact Mag (Portuguese), Visitation Rites, No Fear of Pop, International Tapes, Weed Temple, Stadiums & Shrines, Diskursschleuder (German)

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Specialist Morgen J just released an ‘album’ of material not found on his self-titled cassette we released last year, available as pay-what-you-want download on bandcamp. The sample up there, “60 Large,” continues SMJ’s string of sparkling space-ambient grooves while the image continues to flaunt his apparent obsession with professional wrestling.

Specialist Morgen J is available for free download and physical copies are still available for purchase.

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Branches - Pré-Natal

From Branches' Primeira Vez cassette, out next week.

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Green Mansions- Vacation #5 from miko revereza on Vimeo.

One more week until ouuur first batch of 2012. On January 17 Paypal links will go up at for Green Mansions’ Vacation 2 cassette (see video for “Vacation 5” above, by Miko Revereza) as well as Branches' Primeira Vez.

heRobust a.k.a. one of the Manes in Mane Mane did a lil live video thang for Awfully Creative Media. Check it out and check out his soon-to-be-released EP “Morning After.”